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Selected Arbitral Awards (Schiedsspruchsammlung)

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40 Years Vienna International Arbitral Centre

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SELECTED ARBITRAL AWARDS, consisting of 60 awards rendered by arbitral tribunals under the Vienna Rules, is meant to provide a unique and valuable insight into various important and challenging procedural and substantive issues which have arisen over the years in international arbitration under the auspices of the VIAC. The selection made is a response to the increasing call of parties, counsel and arbitrators alike for measures to ensure greater transparency of commercial arbitration proceedings by way of enhanced access to arbitral awards as well as to their content and reasoning. It is in this context that this publication is meant as a modest but concrete step towards fostering greater familiarity, predictability and confidence in relation to the international arbitral process, including the award as its end result. Finally it greatly benefits from annotations and comments provided by renowned experts in the arbitration community, thereby ensuring that this publication in fact is a true reference work, with both historical and practical value for users and practitioners alike. 520 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-902985-22-4 Erscheinungsdatum: 09.02.2015


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